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$n^{3}$ is odd. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true.

A.$n$ is odd

B.$n^{2}$ is odd

C.$n^{2}$ is even

  1. $A$ only
  2. $B$ only
  3. $A$ and $B$ only
  4. $A$ and $C$ only.
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if we multiply 2 odd numbers then result will be odd number.

and if Multiply 2 even numbers then result will be even number.Result of 2 even number multiplication can not be odd number.


Given that $n^{3}$ is odd.This is possible when $n^{2}$ and $n$ is also odd number.

$Example:-$  $n=3$



Here we can see all are odd numbers.

Hence,Option(C)A and B only.

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