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Read each of the short passages given below and answer the questions that follows it.

Organisations are often defined as groups of people who come together to pursue a common goal. But more often than not, goals diverge as much as they converge, making the rationality of the overall organisation no more than an elusive ideal. Beneath the collective irrationality, however, organisations are often operating in a way that is eminently rational from the standpoint of the individuals, groups and coalitions directly involved. Which of the following can be inferred from the above passage?

  1. If all employees of an organisation pursue their individual goals, one can never have an organisation that behaves rationally.
  2. Although conceptually an organisation may appear to be irrational — behaviours of individuals, groups and coalitions in the organisation may be rational.
  3. As individuals, groups or coalitions in an organisation pursue their own interests, the conceptual issues of rational behaviour get blurred.
  4. Since people are essentially irrational, the ideal of building a rational organisation is elusive.
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