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Read each of the short passages given below and answer the questions that follows it.

The Kolahal party had to fight the Golmal party bitterly to win the mayoral elections. One of the main features of its campaign was that it would make public all the papers related to a scandal during the regime of the Golmal party. After the victory, however, the new mayor got busy introducing many schemes, both liked and not liked by the public. The Golmal party made only mild protests but refrained from tabling a serious no-confidence motion in the council which it could have won by obtaining the support of the independent members.

Which of the following statements, if true, implies that the Kolahal party is blackmailing the Golmal party?

  1. The paper mentioned in the election campaign are prepared and ready.
  2. Some members of the public disliked the reforms made by the new mayor.
  3. People complained about collusion between the two parties.
  4. Independent members were not keen on supporting the Golmal party.
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