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is it option D
Yes .. can you please explain the question in detail?

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Guven Z is Grand Father Of S This can be happened only if P is married to R or Q is married to R

 A)X is mother in law of R  ( as Gender is not given so X can be mother in law of R)  --------- May be True

B)P and R are not married to each other (We can't say whether PR are married or QR are married since S is grand Daughter of Z)

   so Option B May be True

C) P is Son of X and Y ( as P gender is not given, P can be son) ------ May be True

D) Q can't Married to R ( Q May Marry R if Q and R are Opposite genders ) ----- This is false

So Option D

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But Z is grandfather of S who is Daughter of P.. this means that P and R married
Ya even if QR married then S becomes daughter or niece to Q then also Z becomes grandfather to S
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The answer should be B)

“P and R are not married to each other” must be false.

“Z is the grandfather of the daughter S of P” → This means P is married and has a daughter. P and Q cant be married because they are siblings. X, Y, W and Z are all married. This leaves only R.

Q cannot marry X, Y, W and Z because they are all married. Q cannot marry P because they are siblings. Q also cannot be married to R because Z is the grandfather of S and S is daughter of P. If R was married to Q then Z will not be a grandfather to S.

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No you are wrong Correct answer is D according to GATE 2017 official ans key by IIT Roorkee
Explain the reason then
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Clearly, for Z to be grandfather of S,

P and R needs to be married which contradicts option (B) given above.

Also no person in the list has married twice or more.

Hence, option (B) should be ticked.

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