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Rohan and Sohan start simultaneously from a point A on a circular track and run in the same direction. The speed of Rohan is nine times the speed of Sohan. How many times are they diametrically opposite to each other by the time Sohan completes three complete rounds on the track?

  1. 27
  2. 23
  3. 48
  4. 24
in Quantitative Aptitude 7.9k points 234 899 1073 3.6k views

2 Answers

3 votes
Best answer

Rohan is 9 times faster than Sohan
So when Sohan completes one round, Rohan completes 9 rounds
i.e. Rohan has been diametrically opposite to Sohan 9 times as in each round of Rohan, diametrically opposite position is possible only 1 time. 
now when Sohan completes 3 such rounds... 
desired answer = 9*3 = 27

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