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Answer the question based on the following information.

The figure below represents sales and net profit in Rs. crore of IVP Ltd. for five years from $1994-95$ to $1998-99$. During this period the sales increased from $\text{Rs. 100 crore}$ to $\text{Rs. 680 crore.}$ Correspondingly, the net profit increased from $\text{Rs. 2.5 crore}$ to $\text{Rs. 12 crore.}$ Net profit is defined as the excess of sales over total costs.

With profitability as defined in question $137$, it can be concluded that

  1. profitability is non-decreasing during the five years from $1994-95$ to $1998-99.$
  2. profitability is non-increasing during the five years from $1994-95$ to $1998-99.$
  3. profitability remained constant during the five years from $1994-95$ to $1998-99.$
  4. None of the above
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