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The question has a set of four statements. Each statement has three segments. Choose the alternative where the third segment in the statement can be logically deduced using both the preceding two, but not just from one of them.

  1. Many singers are not writers. All poets are singers. Some poets are not writers.
  2. Giants climb beanstalks. Some chicken do not climb beanstalks. Some chicken are not giants.
  3. All explorers live in snowdrifts. Some penguins live in snowdrifts. Some penguins are explorers.
  4. Amar is taller than Akbar. Anthony is shorter than Amar. Akbar is shorter than Anthony.
    1. A only
    2. B only
    3. B and C
    4. D only
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1 Answer

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$\text{In statement B : 3rd}$ statement can be deduced from $\text{1st}$ and $\text{2nd}$. 

Only two cases are possible :

In both cases we can see that "some chicken are not giants" are satisfied .

so correct option is $\text{B}$ and all other option are wrong .

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