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Answer the question based on the following information.

Rajiv reaches city B from city A in $4$ hours, driving at speed of $35 \; \text{kmph}$ for the first two hour and at $45 \; \text{kmph}$ for the next two hours. Aditi follows the same route, but drives at three different speeds: $30, 40$ and $50 \; \text{kmph},$ covering an equal distance in each speed segment. The two cars are similar with petrol consumption characteristics $\text{(km per litre)}$ shown in the figure below.

Zoheb would like to drive Aditi’s car over the same route from A to B and minimize the petrol consumption for the trip. What is the quantity of petrol required by him?

  1. $6.67 \; \text{litre}$
  2. $7 \; \text{litre}$
  3. $6.33 \; \text{litre}$
  4. $6.0 \; \text{litre}$
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For minimum petrol consumption, Zoheb should drive  at $40 \; \text{kmph}.$

 Quantity of petrol required  Zoheb should drive at $40 \; \text{kmph},$ petrol consumption $ = \frac{160}{24}= 6.67 \; \text{lit}$

Hence, Option$:\text{(A)}$
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