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Abraham, Border, Charlie, Dennis and Elmer, and their respective wives recently dined together and were seated at a circular table. The seats were so arranged that men and women alternated and each woman was three places away from her husband. Mrs Charlie sat to the left of Mr Abraham. Mrs Elmer sat two places to the right of Mrs Border. Who sat to the right of Mr Abraham?

  1. Mrs Dennis
  2. Mrs Elmer
  3. Mrs Border
  4. Mrs Border or Mrs Dennis
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According to the given conditions, either Mrs Border  or Mrs Dennis can sit to the right of Mr Abraham.

Hence,Option (D)Mrs Border or Mrs Dennis is the Answer.

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yes u r correct:)
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A) Mrs Dennis

Mr A ,Ms E , Mr B , Ms A , Mr C , Ms B , Mr D , Ms C , Mr E, Mr D is the arrangement in circular table
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i think you did something wrong.Please check  it again.

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