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Arrange the sentences A, B, C and D to form a logical sequence between sentences 1 and 2.

  1. High-powered outboard motors were considered to be one of the major threats to the survival of the Beluga whales.
    1. With these, hunters could approach Belugas within hunting range and profit from its inner
    2. To escape an approaching motor, Belugas have learnt to dive to the ocean bottom and stay
    3. Today, however, even with much more powerful engines, it is difficult to come close, because
    4. When the first outboard engines arrived in the early 1930s, one came across 4 HP and 8 HP
  2. Belugas seem to have used their well-known sensitivity to noise to evolve an ‘avoidance’ strategy to outsmart hunters and their powerful technologies.
    1. DACB
    2. ACDB
    3. ADCB
    4. DBAC
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Sentence 1 talks about "high-power". So, D is a better one to follow it as 4 HP means Horsepower.
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@sresta what about ADCB ?? I think ADCB is also correct ??

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