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Answer the question on the basis of following information.
In a Decathlon, the events are $\text{100 m, 400 m, 100 m}$ hurdles, $\text{1500 m}$, High jump, Pole vault, Long jump, Discus, Shot put and Javelin. The performance in the first four of these events is consolidated into Score $1$, the next three into Score $2,$ and the last three into Score $3.$ Each such consolidation is obtained by giving appropriate positive weights to individual events. The final score is simply the total of these three scores. The athletes with the highest, second highest and the third highest final scores receive the gold, silver and bronze medals, respectively. The table given below gives the scores and performance of nineteen top athletes in this event.

At least how many competitors (excluding Daley Thompson) must Michael Smith have out-jumped in the long jump event?

  1. $1$
  2. $2$
  3. $3$
  4. $4$
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