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A survey on a sample of $25$ new cars being sold at a local auto dealer was conducted to see which of the three popular options- air conditioning, radio and power windows- were already installed. The survey found

  • $15$ had air conditioning
  • $2$ had air conditioning and power windows but no radios
  • $12$ had radio
  • $6$ had air conditioning and radio but no power windows
  • $11$ had power windows
  • $4$ had radio and power windows
  • $3$ had all three options.

What is the number of cars that had none of the options?

  1. $4$
  2. $3$
  3. $1$
  4. $2$
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From  the Given conditions we have,

when we add all the values We get a total of 23 cars. 

So 2 cars don't have Air Conditioning or Radio or Power Windows

Hence (D) 2 is the Answer.

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