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The sentences given in the question, when properly sequenced, form coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labelled with a letter. Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.

  1. Who can trace to its first beginnings the love of Damon for Pythias, of David for Jonathan, of Swan for Edgar?
  2. Similarly with men.
  3. There is about great friendships between man and man a certain inevitability that can only be compared with the age old association of ham and eggs.
  4. One simply feels that it is one of the things that must be so.
  5. No one can say what was the mutual magnetism that brought the deathless partnership of these wholesome and palatable foodstuffs about.
    1. ACBED
    2. CEDBA
    3. ACEBD
    4. CEABD 
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