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Answer the following question based on the information given below:

A management institute was established on January $1, 2000$ with $3, 4, 5,$ and $6$ faculty members in the Marketing organizational Behaviour (OB), Finance and Operation Management(OM) areas respectively, to start with. No faculty member retired or joined the institute in the first three months of the year of $2000.$ In the next four years, the institute recruited one faculty member in each of the four areas. All these nee faculty members, who joined the institute subsequently over the years, were $25$ years old at the time of their joining the institute. All of them joined the institute on April $1.$ During these four years, one of the faculty members retired at the age of $60.$ The following diagram gives the area-wise average age ( in terms of number of completed years) of faculty members as on April $1, 2000, 2001, 2002,$ and $2003.$

What was the age of the new faculty member, who joined the OM area as on April $1\; 2003?$

  1. $25$
  2. $26$
  3. $27$
  4. $28$
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