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New Age Consultants have three consultants Gyani, Medha and Buddhi. The sum of the number of projects handled by Gyani and Buddhi individually is equal to the number of projects in which Medha is involved. All three consultants are involved in 6 projects. Gyani works with Medha in 14 projects. Buddhi has 2 projects with Medha but without Gyani, and 3 projects with Gyani but without Medha. The total number of projects for New Age consultants is one less than the number of projects in which more than one consultant is involved.

What is the number of projects in which Medha alone is invlolved?

  1. Uniquely equal to zero.
  2. Uniquely equal to one
  3. Uniquely equal to four
  4. cannot be determined uniquely
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