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Directions for below question:

Five horses, Red, White, Grey, Black and Spotted participated in a race, As per the rules of the race, the persons betting on the winning horse get four times the betting amount and those betting on the horse that came in second get thrice of the bet amount, the bet amount is returned to those betting on the horse that came in third and rest lose the bet amount. Raju bets Rs. $3000,$ Rs. $2000$ and Rs. $1000$ on Red, White and Black horses respectively and ends up with no profit and no loss.

Suppose in addition, it is known that Grey came in fourth. Then which of the following cannot be true?

  1. Spotted came in first
  2. Red finished last
  3. White came in second
  4. Black came in second
  5. There was one horse between Black and White
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