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Answer the following question based on the information given below.

The bar chart shows the revenue received, in million US Dollars (USD), from subscribers to a particular Internet service. The data covers the period $2003-2007$ for the Unites States (US) and Europe. The bar chart also shows the estimated revenues from subscription to this service for the period $2008 – 2010.$

The difference between the estimated subscription in Europe in $2008$ and what it would have been if it were computed using the percentage growth rate of $2007\; ($over $2006),$ is closest to:

  1. $50$
  2. $80$
  3. $20$
  4. $10$
  5. $0$
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1 Answer

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Answer 10

growth rate of 2007(over 2006)=((500-380)/500)*100=24%

growth rate of 2008(over 2009)=((100/700)*100)=14.4%

difference between growth rate 10%
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Estimated subscription in 2008 = 600 (given)

Also while doing the percentage change, the denominator must be original value (not new value).

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