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The figure below shows the plan of a town. The streets are at right angles to each other. A rectangular park (P) is situated inside the town with a diagonal road running through it. There is also a prohibited region (D) in the town

Neelam resides her bicycle from her house at A to her club at C, via B, taking the shortest path, then the number of possible shortest paths that she can choose is

  1. 1170
  2. 630
  3. 792
  4. 1200
  5. 936
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Answer 630

from A robot can go (d,d,r,r) [d=down, r=right] =4!/2!2!

then go to P line in 1 way

then ending point of P to B (d,d,r,r,r,r) =6!/4!2!

then upwards B to E (u,u,u,u,u,u,r) =7!/6!

then E to A 1 way

total 4!/2!2! ⨉ 1 ⨉ 6!/4!2! ⨉ 7!/6! ⨉ 1 =630

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