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The following question has a set of sequentially ordered statements. Each statement can be classified as one of the following:

  1. Facts, which deals with the pieces of information that one has heard, seen or read and which are open to discovery or verification (the answer option indicates such a statement with an ‘F’).
  2. Inferences, which are conclusions drawn about the unknown, on the basis of the known (the answer option indicates such a statement with an ‘I’).
  3. Judgements, which are opinions that imply approval or disapproval of persons, objects, situations and occurrences in the past, the present or the future (the answer option indicates such a statement with an ‘J’)
    1. We should not be hopelessly addicted to an erroneous belief that corruption in India is caused by the crookedness of Indians.
    2. The truth is we have more red tape – we take a eighty nine days to start a small business, Australians take two.
    3. Red tape leads to corruption and distorts a people’s character.
    4. Every red tape procedure is a point of contact with an official, and such contacts have the potential to become opportunities for money to change hands.
      1. JFIF
      2. JFJJ
      3. JIJF
      4. IFJF
      5. JFJI
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