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Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below:

Seven varsity basketball players (A, B, C, D, E, F and G) are to be honoured at a special luncheon. The players will be seated on the dais in a row. A and G have to leave the luncheon early and so must be seated at the extreme right. B will receive the most valuable player's trophy and so must be in center to facilitate presentation. C and D are bitter rivals and therefore must be seated as far apart as possible.

Which of the following pairs cannot be seated together?

  1. B & D
  2. C & F
  3. D & G
  4. E & A
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option 4.

A and D will be at right end together as they need to leave soon. B in the centre of the row.C and D have to seat as far apart as possible.

If D sits at 3rd from right end , B and D can seat together

If c sits at extreme left end F at 2nd left , C and F can seat together

If G sits at 2nd from right end , G and D can seat together


A and E can't be seated together. because E either be on 2nd from the left end or 3rd from the right end.



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