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Answer the questions based on following data.

A dealer deals only in colour TVs and VCRs. He wants to spend up to $Rs.12$ lakhs to buy $100$ pieces. He can purchase a colour TV at $Rs.10,000$ and a VCR at $Rs.15,000$. He can sell a colour TV at $Rs.12,000$ and a VCR at $Rs.17,500$. His objective is to maximize profits. Assume that he can sell all the items that he stocks. 

The maximum profit, in rupees lakh, the dealer can earn from his original stock if he can sell a colour TV at $Rs.12200$ and VCR at $Rs.18300$ is 

  1. $2.64$ 
  2. $2.49$ 
  3. $2.72$ 
  4. $2.87$ 
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Answer is 2.64 Lakh rupees.

To maximize profit, the dealer has to buy 40 VCRs & 60 TVs. Thus, with new Selling Prices, New profit would be 2.64 L
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