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Answer the questions based on following data.

A dealer deals only in colour TVs and VCRs. He wants to spend up to $Rs.12$ lakhs to buy $100$ pieces. He can purchase a colour TV at $Rs.10,000$ and a VCR at $Rs.15,000$. He can sell a colour TV at $Rs.12,000$ and a VCR at $Rs.17,500$. His objective is to maximize profits. Assume that he can sell all the items that he stocks. 

If the dealer would have managed to get an additional space to stock $20$ more items, then for maximizing profit, the ratio of number of VCRs and number of TVs that he should stock is

  1. $7 : 3$ 
  2. $0$ 
  3. $1 : 2$ 
  4. None of these
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