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Answer the question on the basis of the information given below:

A, B, C, D, E and F are a group of friends. There are two housewives, one professor, one engineer, one accountant and one lawyer in the group. There are only two married couples in the group. The lawyer is married to D, who is a housewife. No woman in the group is a either an engineer nor an accountant. C, the accountant, married to F, who is a professor. A is married to a housewife. E is not a housewife.

How many members of the group are male?

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  4. cannot be determined
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Answer 3

Here 3 Male are

- A ( lawyer )

- C (Accountent)

- E (Engineer)

And 3 Females are

- D (house wife of A)

- F (Professor)

- B (House Wife)
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