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Answer the question on the basis of the information given below:

Five women decided to go for shopping in MG road, Bangalore. They arrived at the designated meeting place in the following order: 1. Archana, 2. Chellama, 3. Dhenuka, 4. Helen and 5. Shahnaz. Each women spent at least Rs. 1000. Below are some additional facts about how much they spent during their shopping spree.

  1. The woman who spent Rs.2234 arrived before the lady who spent Rs. 1193
  2. One woman spent 1340 and she was not Dhenuka
  3. One woman spent Rs. 1378 more than Chellamma.
  4. One woman spent Rs 2517 and she was not Archana.
  5. Helen spent more than Dhenuka.
  6. Shahnaz spent the largest amount and Chellamma the smallest.


Which of the following amount was spent by one of them?

  1. Rs. 1139
  2. Rs. 1378
  3. Rs. 2571
  4. Rs. 2718
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a is the answer
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explain ur answer ?

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