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Answer the below question based on the following instructions:
A group of three or four has to be selected from seven persons. Among are two women: Fiza and Kavita, and five men: Ram, Shyam, David, Peter and Rahim. Ram would not like to be in the group if Shyam is also selected. Shyam and Rahim want to be selected together in the group. Kavita would like to be in the group only if David is also there. David, if selected, would not like Peter in the group. Ram would like to be in the group only if Peter is also there. David insists that Fiza be selected in case he is there in the group.

Which of the following is a feasible group of four?

  1. Ram, Peter, Fiza, Rahim
  2. Shyam, Rahim, Kavita, David
  3. Shyam, Rahim, Fiza, David
  4. Fiza, David, Ram, Peter
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