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Each of the questions below consists of a set of labelled sentences. These sentences, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the options.

  1. Although there are large regional variations, it is not infrequent to find a large number of people sitting here and there and doing nothing.
  2. Once in office, they receive friends and relatives who feel free to call any time without prior appointment.
  3. While working, one is struck by the slow and clumsy actions and reactions, indifferent attitudes, procedure rather than outcome orientation, and the lack of consideration for others.
  4. Even those who are employed often come late to the office and leave early unless they are forced to be punctual.
  5. Work is not intrinsically valued in India.
  6. Quite often people visit ailing friends and relatives or go out of their way to help them in their personal matters even during office hours.
    1. ECADBF 
    2. EADCFB
    3. EADBFC
    4. ABFCBE
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