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A hardwired CPU uses $10$ control signals $S_1$ to $S_{10}$, in various time steps $T_1$ to $T_5$, to implement $4$ instructions $I_1$ to $I_4$ as shown below:


Which of the following pairs of expressions represent the circuit for generating control signals $S_5$ and $S_{10}$ respectively?

($(I_j + I_k)T_n$ indicates that the control signal should be generated in time step $T_n$ if the instruction being executed is $I_j$ or $l_k$)

  1. $S_5 = T_1 + I_2 \cdot T_3$ and

    $S_{10} = (I_1 + I_3) \cdot T_4 + (I_2 + I_4) \cdot T_5$

  2. $S_5 = T_1 + (I_2 + I_4) \cdot T_3$ and

    $S_{10} = (I_1 + I_3) \cdot T_4 + (I_2 + I_4) \cdot T_5$

  3. $S_5 = T_1 + (I_2 + I_4) \cdot T_3$ and

    $S_{10} = (I_2 + I_3 + I_4) \cdot T_2 + (I_1 + I_3) \cdot T_4 + (I_2 + I_4) \cdot T_5$

  4. $S_5 = T_1 + (I_2 + I_4) \cdot T_3$ and

    $S_{10} = (I_2 + I_3) \cdot T_2 + I_4 \cdot T_3 + (I_1 + I_3) \cdot T_4 + (I_2 + I_4) \cdot T_5$

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option d) is the answer right?

option (d) is the answer right?

Yes Boss

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4. is the option for this question.
If we look at the table, we need to find those time-stamps and instructions which are using these control signals.

For example, $S_5 = T_1$ has used control signal $S_5$ for all the instructions, or we can say irrespective of the instructions. Also, $S_5$ is used by instructions $I_2$ and $I_4$ for the time stamp $T_3$ so that comes to:
$$S_5 = T_1 + I_2 \cdot T_3 + I_4 \cdot T_3 = T_1 + (I_2+I_3) \cdot T_3$$

In the same way, we'll calculate for $S_{10}$.
It's an example of Hardwired CU Programming used in RISC processors. It gives accurate result, but isn't good for debugging since minor change will cause to restructure the control unit.
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No option is matching with your S5 expression.

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